If I rent out the meeting space area do I have access to the studio as well?

Because the fee is lower when renting out the meeting space area, the studio space area is not included and WILL be locked. However, you will still have complete exclusivity of the entire building when booking your rental. If you also want access to the studio space you will need to rent out the space at the studio price.

Can I have food or drink in the studio? 

Food & drink are allowed in the meeting space ONLY. In order to protect our furniture and bedding items we do not allow food or drink in the studio space.  

Does my hourly rental include time to set up?

You may enter the front door at the contracted start time and must leave by the contracted end time.  All set up and clean up must take place within this time slot. If you need more time, you will need to contact us first to make sure the time is available.  Your entry and exit are timestamped by the door lock and any extra time will be billed separately.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We have a Studio Loyalty Program that rewards returning customers.  For every 10 hours you rent the Studio, you will get a free 2 hour rental!

We also have a partnership with Mad Hatter Vintage http://madhattervintage.com.  You can get a 15% discount off both your rental from Mad Hatter and your Studio rental!

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Do you have space to do hair & make up, or for clients to wait for their session during a marathon?

Absolutely! With the Studio & Lounge there is about 800 square feet of space to utilize.  Clients can hang out in the Lounge while you are working with someone else in the Studio.

Thanks so much for your interest in The Studio at Chelsea Commons! If the contact form below does not work for you, please email us directly with your requested date and time.  After emailing, you will be provided with the reservation link to book.

Email: info@thestudioatchelseacommons.com

Phone: 757-550-0078

You should hear from us within 24 hours.